L'artiste Ya Boy

Le titre 100 Bars Of Death

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100 Bars Of Death lyrics
I'm Not Saying I'm Gonna Change The World
But I Garantee
That I Will Spark The Brain
That will Change The World

Better Show Respect Before I Lose It
The Whole World Know
Precise Is More Than Music
A Movement
Look At All The Goons That I Move With
Homies, Guns, Vest & Boots
On That Platoon Shit
Best, Hardest In The West
Yes, Literally
The Fans Comparing Me To Who?
Come On, Ya Killin' Me
The Enemy Keep Tryin'
But Can't Get Rid Of Me
Bombs Like Timothy
Arms Like A Centipede
Hoes Through His Door
Make Sure He's A Memory
One Nigga
But I Got Em' Shook
Like There's Ten Of Me
Go Hard In Hip-Hop
Hope They Remember Me
Screamin' "Thug Life"
Like A Tupac Minny-Me
Any Beef?
Tell Em' To Bring It Special Delivery
I Bet My Little Friend Will Put Em' Outta His Missury
These Niggas Wanna Finish Me
And Send Me To The Reveren
Honostly, There's Probley Better Competition In Heaven
Holla At Me
Fillmore Bitch
We Dollar Happy
You Would Think I Was Strippin'
The Way Hoes Throw Dollas At Me
I'm The Motha Fuckin' Spitful, Delightful, Iful
The New Ice Cube
Bust My Guns
And Rock Mics Too
So What's Good?
Either You Crip
Or You Blood
Somebody Call Khalid
Tell Em' "Ya Boy Was Hood"
If He Joke Like D-Ray
My Heat Like D. Wade
Shots To His Face
Make Him Sing Like T-Pain
Stuff Him In The Trunk
Then I Dump The Remains
Nowa Days
All That Rappin' Is
Is A Free-Chain
If A Nigga Ever Look At Me As A Free-Chain
He's Not Gonna Make It
Like His Plane Got Delayed
I'm Talkin' To The Real
If You Fake, Then Get Lost
Them Block Muscle-Men
Hustlin' Like Rick Ross
Real Talk
I'd Rather Sit
Then Snitch Dawg
Cause Quick Jaws
Get A Nigga Smoked
Like Menthols
I'm Way Outta They League
Who Hotter Than Me?
Gottcha' Favorite R&B Bitch
Swollowen Me
I Ain't Lyin'
Look I'm So Fly
I Should Be Flyin'
Maybe That's The Reason
Why Ya Girl Keep Eyin'
I'm Eyin' Her Back
Louie Purse, With The Hat
I'm Not A Trick
But I'm Rich
So I'm Buyin' Her That
And I'm Tired Of This Rap Beef
Tired Of That Gay Shit
I Thought He Wanted War
He Seen Me
And Didn't Say Shit
I'm Outta This World
When You See Me
I'm Like A Spaceship
Lights Everywhere
Make It Bright Anywhere
Got The Sun On My Neck
Full Moon On My Wrist
Da-Da-Daimonds In My Mouth
And It's All On A Bitch
I Guess I Took Notes From Kevin Federline
Milk A Bitch Like A Cow
Every Cent
Every Dime
Never Been To Jail
But I Done Done Hella Crimes
Moved To Malibu
Now I Got Em' Thuggin'
To Pepper Dime
Gimme Mine
If A Nigga Say I Ain't The Top Five
Dead Or Alive
Remove His Head
And His Spine
I Load The Lead In The Nine
Leave Him Dead On Arrival
Ya Sittin' On The Shelf
What The Fuck Did Ya Sign For?
Catch Me With The Crips
And The Bloods Don't Mind No
I Don't Bang Colors
I'm A Damn Albino
Drunk Like A Wino
Hard Like A Rhino
Flyin' Through Ya Time Zone
Lookin' For A Fine Hoe
Rihanna, Alicia, Mya, Big Pimpin'
I'll Even Take A White Girl
Like Jessica Simpson
Make Sure She Licks It
Kiss My Limp Biscuit
Tape It
Need A Witness
This Is Big Business
I'm Heavy With SRC's
Like Steve Rifkin
I'm Talkin' Some Real Clientel
Nigga Listen!
Drop Em' A Line
That's All I Do
Is Go Fishin'
Get Em' Hooked On Me
Then I Turn Em' Into Fish Sticks
This Is
If Ya Listenin'
I Ain't Like These Other Niggas
I Can Go The Distance
Ya Fans In My Hands
So You Know I'ma Clinch It
The Rap Game Dirty
But Somebody Gotta Rinse It
I Don't Even Spit Shit
I Just Go And Rip Shit
That's Why These Hoes
Put Me On Like Lipstick
That's Why These Hoes
Put Ya Boy On They Hit List
Swag Like A Ma' Fucka
I'm The New Slick Rick
Sawed-Off Shawty
Ridin' Through The Hood
Bout' To Flip Somebody
How You Rap Like That?
It's Just Somethin' Bout' Me
I Step In The Booth
And The Shit Just Comes At Me
Niggas Wanna Shoot Me
Niggas Wanna Rob Me
Fuck That!
.40 Cal
Here Right Beside Me
Niggas Can't Deny He
Hotter Than Mojave... Desert
In The Middle Of Summer
Let's Have Me Nashi
I Be
Killin' Other Rappers Like A Hobby
Niggas Take Pictures
Of Women When Like They Surround Me
I Don't Even Trip
I Don't Block No Head
I Tell Them Hoes
"Do Me"
Like Rocko Said
But You Can Get Up Outta Here
If You Ain't Got No Bread
Cause Even My Bed
Gotta Far-Gomo Spread
I Mean Scrooge McDuck Bucks
And If A Nigga Say I Ain't Nice
Then He Probley Get Butt Fucked
I Catch You In The Hood
All I'll Say Is
"Tough Luck"
Don't Holla Precise Gang...
... Ya Get Fucked Up
What What?
Cut A Nigga Up
Like Nip Tuck
You Might As Well Kill Ya Self
Like A Wrist Cut
And Everybody In The Whole Hood Know
It's Us
The Way Them Doors No Longer Swing
They Lift Up
The Way Them Boys
Gon' Do They Things With Big Bucks.
Big Homes, Big Diamond Rings, And Big Trucks
Despite That...
I'm Tryna' Sell Like Mike Jack
I Even Get The Fans That Don't Like Rap
Keep It A Hundred
So It's A Must
I Write That
Spit So Much Crack
The Feds Got The Mic Tapped.

Holla At Me



I Suggest You Keep Me Healthy
West Coast

West Coast
I Suggest You Keep Me Healthy


I'm On One

InfaRed On This
Motha Fucka'


Come on


100 Bars Of Death 
I   m Not I Dire   m Gonna Change The World 
Mais je garantie 
qui I Will Spark Le cerveau 
qui va changer le monde 
  r  preuve de respect nBetter Avant Lose It 
Le Monde entier sait 
Precise Is More Than Music 
A Mouvement 
Look a tous les Goons que je propose avec 
Homies, Guns, & Vest Bottes 
On That Shit peloton  r Nbest , le plus dur dans l Ouest 
Yes, litteralement  Fans r  nLe me comparer a quir  r  REVENU D , Ya Killin   Me 
Le Enemy Conserver Tryin   
Mais Impossible d   t Get Rid Of Me 
Bombs Comme Timothy  r  NARMS Comme un mille-pattes 
Hoes Grace a sa porte 
Verifiez Il   s A Memoire 
one Nigga 
Mais I Got Em   Shook  r  ontrairement Il   s Dix Of Me  r  onG dur Dans Hip-Hop 
Hope Ils Se souvenir de moi 
Screamin    "Thug Life "  r  ontrairement A Tupac Minnie-Me  boeuf r  nanyr 
Tell Em   Pour Bring It Special Delivery 
Je Bet My Little Friend mettra Em   Outta Son Niggas Missury 
Ces veux finir Me 
Et m envoyer a l Reveren 
Honostly, il n   s probley une meilleure concurrence dans le Ciel 
Holla At Me 
Fillmore Bitch  Dollar r  nNous Happy 
Vous Souhaitez pense que j ai ete strippin    Hoes Way r  nLe Throw Me Dollas A 
I   m Le Fuckin Motha   Spitful, Delicieux, Iful 
Le New Ice Cube 
Bust Mon Guns 
Et micros Rock Trop 
le Que l   Goodr 
i vous Crip 
i vous du sang 
Somebody Khalid appel 
Tell Em    "Ya Boy a ete Hood " 
Si Il Joke Comme D -Ray 
Mes chaleur comme D. Wade 
Shots a son visage 
Verifiez Lui Sing Like T-Pain 
Stuff Lui dans le coffre 
puis je Dump The Remains  Jours r  nNowa 
Tous C est Rappin   est 
est Un libre-chaine 
Si A Nigga jamais me regarder comme un libre-chaine 
Il   s Not Gonna Make It  r  ontrairement a son avion a ete retarde 
I   m Talkin   To The Real 
Si vous faux, alors Get Lost 
Them bloc du muscle-Men 
Hustlin   instar de Rick Ross  Talk r  nReal 
I  «Asseyez-vous plutot d 
puis Snitch Dawg 
Cause rapide Jaws  r  Nget A fume Nigga  menthols r  ontrairement 
I   m Outta Way Ils Ligue 
Qui Hotter Than Mer  r  Lyin t nGottcha   Favoris de R & B Bitch 
Swollowen Me 
Je Ain     
Look I   m So Fly 
Je Si Soyez Flyin   
Maybe C   est La Raison 
Why Ya Girl Gardez Eyin   
I   m Eyin   Her Back 
Louie Purse, au chapeau 
I   m pas un truc 
Mais I   m Rich 
le I   m Buyin   elle que 
Et I   m Fatigue de ce boeuf Rap 
Tired de cette merde Gay 
Je cru qu il voulait la guerre 
Il Vu Me 
Et didn   t dire merde 
I   m Outta This World 
Lorsque You See Me 
I   m comme un vaisseau spatial 
Lights Partout  r  Il nVerifiez Bright Anywhere  r  Ngot le soleil sur mon cou Lune 
Full sur mon poignet  r  Nda-Da-Daimonds dans ma bouche 
Et C   est le tout sur un Bitch 
Je Guess I Notes pris de Kevin Federline 
Milk A Bitch comme une vache  Cent r  nEvery 
Every Dime  r nNever  ete en prison 
Mais Je Fait Fait Hella crimes 
Moved Pour Malibu 
MAINTENANT I Got Em   Thuggin   
Pour Pepper Dime 
Gimme mine 
Si A Nigga Say I Ain   t Les cinq premiers 
Dead Or Alive 
Retirer Son chef 
Et sa colonne vertebrale  charge r  nJe la tete de la Neuf  r  Lui nLeave Dead On Arrival 
ya Sittin   Sur le plateau 
What The Fuck Did Ya Inscrivez-vous pourr  r  Me nCatch avec les Crips 
Et Le Don Bloods   t Mind n Don 
I   t Bang Couleurs 
I   m A Albino Damn 
Drunk Like A Wino 
Hard Like A Rhino 
Flyin   Grace a Ya Time Zone 
Lookin   une amende Hoe 
Rihanna, Alicia, Mya, Big Pimpin   
I   ll Meme Prenez une jeune fille blanche  r  ontrairement Jessica Simpson 
Verifiez Elle Il Licks 
Kiss Mon Limp Biscuit  r  Il nTape 
Need Un temoin 
Cette Is Big Business 
I   m Heavy avec src   s  r  ontrairement Steve Rifkin 
Je   m Talkin   Certains Clientel Real 
Nigga Ecoute! 
Drop Em   une ligne 
qui   s All I Do 
est Go Fishin    r  Nget Em   Hooked On Me 
puis I Turn Em   poisson en batonnets 
Si Ya Listenin   
Je Ain   t comme ces negros Autres 
Je Can Go The Distance  Fans r  nya In My Hands 
le tu sais que je   ma Il Clinch 
Le Dirty Rap Game 
Mais Somebody Gotta rincer 
Je Don   t Meme Spit Shit 
Je Just Go et Rip Shit 
qui   s Pourquoi ces putes  r  Me nPlacer Le rouge a levres Comme 
qui   s Pourquoi ces putes 
Placer Ya Boy Sur Ils Hit List 
Swag Like A Ma   Fucka 
I   m Le Nouveau Slick Rick 
Sawed-Off Shawty 
Ridin   Through The Hood 
Bout   Pour Flip Quelqu un  r  NHow Vous Rap Like Thatr 
Il   s juste Somethin   Bout   Me  etape r  Ni dans le Booth 
Et Le Shit tombe a Me  Voulez-r  nNiggas a Shoot Me  Voulez-r  nNiggas a Rob Me 
Fuck cela! 
.40 Cal 
Voici a cote de moi 
Niggas Can   t Deny Il 
Hotter Than Mojave ... Desert 
En milieu de l ete 
agregeons   s Avez-Me Nashi 
Je Be 
Killin   autres rappeurs comme un hobby 
Niggas Prenez femmes Images 
de Lorsque Comme Ils Surround «Meme t voyage 
Je Don   Me 
Je Don  t Block No Head 
Je Tell Them Hoes 
 " Me Do  " r  ontrairement Rocko Said 
Mais Vous Can Get Up Outta Here 
Si vous Ain   t Got No Pain 
Cause meme mon lit 
Gotta Extreme-Gomo Spread 
Je moyenne Picsou Bucks 
Et Si A Nigga Say I Ain   t Nice 
puis Il probley Get Fucked Butt  Catch r  nJe Vous In The Hood 
Tous I   ll Say est 
  "Tough Luck  "
don   t Holla precis Gang ... 
. .. Ya Get Fucked Up 
What Qu est-cer  R  nCouper un negro  r  ontrairement Nip Tuck 
Vous Might As Well Kill Ya Self  r  ontrairement Un poignet Tout le monde Cut 
Et Dans l ensemble Savoir Hood 
Il   Us s 
Le Way Portes entre eux n ont plus Lift Swing 
They Up 
Le Way garcons les 
gon   font-ils des choses avec beaucoup d argent.  Maisons r  nBig, Big Diamond Rings, Et les gros camions 
Despite que ... 
I   m Tryna   Vendre Comme Mike Jack 
Je Meme Get The Fans  t comme le rap 
Keep C est a cent 
le C   est que Don  s A Must 
Je ecrire que 
Spit So Much Crack 
Le Feds Got The Mic taraudes. 
Holla At Me 
  r  NYA BOY! 
I Suggerer Vous me garder en sante  r  ENSALA Cote 
  r  ENSALA Cote 
Je vous conseillons de conserver Me Healthy 
I   m Sur un 
InfaRed Sur cette 
Motha Fucka   
  r  REVENU sur